FCMA organisational structure

The Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd (FCMA) is a national association formed in 1991 by the amalgamation of six state organisations, creating a federation representing the states and territories of Australia. FCMA is registered as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee under the Corporations Act 2001. It advocates for its members and for the profession of Chinese medicine by responding to both preliminary and public consultations and by preparing papers and submissions to the government and to regulatory agencies.


Executive decisions and planning of future directions

President, Vice-presidents, Secretary General, Executive Officer, Treasurer and branch's presidents


General Management & Oversight of the Association

Members of Executive committee and other Board directors


Development of strategic plan with proposals to present to the Board

FCMA Office bearers & State Branch Directors


Membership registration, Health insurance liaison, General administrative support

Secretary General, Assistant Secretary-General, Executive Officer, Secretary, Registrar
Academic and CPD Committee
Qualification Assessment Committee
Policy and Comms. Committee
Disciplinary Committee
AJCMS Editorial Board

TitleTerms of Reference (in brief)Chair and members
Executive CommitteePrompt decision maker, planning of future directions for the Federation Chair: Prof Tzi Chiang Lin
Deputy Chair: Dr Kevin Chang
Members: President, Secretary-General, Executive Officer, Treasurer and branch's presidents
Board of ManagementManagement of the FederationMembers of Executive committee and other Board directors
SecretariatMaintenance of Register for members, liaison with Branches and committees, drafting of documents and supporting AJCMAS Editorial Board Secretary-General: Dr Chi Jing Liu (registrar)
Assistant Secretary-General: Dr Harry Xie
Executive Officer: Dr Sherman Gu
Secretary: Dr Donna Chew
Academic and CPD CommitteeLiaison of academic and CPD activities Chair: Dr. Kevin Chang
Vice Chair: Dr. Hai Song Wang
Members: Branch academic officers and specialist committees
Qualification Assessment CommitteeAssessment of applicants for admission of the Federation Chair: Dr. Sherman Gu
Vice Chair: Dr. Harry Xie
Members: Branch accreditation assessors
Policy and Communications CommitteePreparation of proposals, letters and submissions Chair: Dr Sherman Gu
Members: President, Executive Officer, Communications Officer, Branch committee member
Disciplinary CommitteeInvestigation of complaint and unprofessional conduct Chair: Dr Xiaobing Huo
Deputy Chair: Dr Fang Liang
Members: Branch disciplinary officers
AJCMS Editorial BoardEditing and publication of the Journal Editor-in-Chief: Prof Tzi Chiang Lin
Executive Editor-in-Chief: Dr Yanyi Wang
Editors, Managing Editors, Statistical Advisor, International Editorial Advisors