News of Child Dead 2015

4th May 15

It is with great sadness that the Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA), one of the peak bodies representing Chinese medicine in Australia, have learned of the tragic death of a seven year old boy in Sydney following attendance at a workshop on so-called ‘Paida Lajin therapy’ or ‘slapping and stretching therapy’. “This ‘Paida Lajin therapy’ reported in the press in relation to the child’s death is not part of orthodox Chinese medicine training nor is it known to have an evidence base in Chinese medicine for treating type 1 diabetes” said professor Lin Tzi Chiang, PhD, national president, FCMA.
Fasting, also reported in the press as part of this Paida Lajin therapy workshop that the child is reported to have attended, is also contraindicated in a person with type 1 diabetes.
This tragic incident underscores the need for education of the general public regarding forms of complementary and alternative medicine. Chinese medicine is now a nationally regulated profession in Australia that is it is regulated via statutory regulation under the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). AHPRA also regulates western medical practitioners, dentists, optometrists, nurses, chiropractors and several other allied health professions. Each regulated profession has its own Board under AHPRA. Members of the public are encouraged to check if their Chinese medicine practitioner or acupuncturist is registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia. A Register of Chinese Medicine Herbal Medicine practitioners and Acupuncturists can be found at: The Chinese therapist running this workshop, a Mr Hongchi Xiao, is not a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Australia. The FCMA does not know whether this person has any training in Chinese medicine at all.

Released by Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia Ltd (FCMA)
Contactable: Professor Lin : 0413111128 or 03 96891571