25th March 18

Dr. Jingchun Zhang, a professor from Xiyuan Hospital, Beijing. She is a PhD supervisor and awarded as one of the famous middle aged Chinese Medicine practitioners by the Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. Prof. Zhang has been followed one of the most famous academicians in Chinese Medicine, Dr. Keji Chen for many years. She works as a clinical practitioner and active researcher in integrative medicine for cardiovascular conditions. In past ten years, she focused on the research of Chinese Medicine in royal court of China (specific Qing Dynasty).
The Royal Court Medicine (RCM) in china is developed across thousands of years, and to meet the high quality medical requirement of the royal families. The royal court medical team trained the imperial physicians, and also recruited the notable physicians nationally. The RCM presented the highest level of medicine at that time. Furthermore, the medical records in royal families of Qing Dynasty were protected better and more comprehensive, compared with other dynasties. In this seminar, Prof. Zhang will share her clinical experience based on her searching of the royal families’ medical records from Qing Dynasty.