31st August 18

The Speaker:
Mr. Shengjia Wang, was born in Anhui, and lives in Nanjing, China. He followed his grandfather and mother to study the Yu Fu theory (Yu Fu, one of three the most famous ancient Chinese physicians in Yellow Emperor period), since he was young. Mr. Wang also followed Prof. Zhenliang Qian, the principle of Chinese Medicine University of Nanjing, and Prof. Mingxi Shao to study the Chinese Medicine as well. He was highly praised and recommended by these two Chinese medicine experts. From his practice, Mr. Wang gradually understood the principle and essence of the Yu Fu theory, and decided to recover this nearly lost theory. After 30-year collecting data of Yu Fu theory from people, now he is the unique practitioner who can systematically summarise and apply this theory. Mr. Wang can tell the past & present medical history based on the pulse, even predict the hidden peril. Yu Fu theory has different understanding of acupoints and its application, which has not been mentioned in other textbook. In this seminar, Mr. Wang will introduce this theory,some special acupoints & their functions in Yu Fu theory and share his clinical experience.