News (July 2012)

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rebate of Consultation Fees from Private Health Insurers

13th July 12

The FCMA has released frequently asked questions about the rebate of consultation fees from private health insurers after 1 July 2012 when the national Chinese medicine registration is in place.

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Frequently asked questions to members of FCMA issued by Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (CMBA)

6th July 12

What is the Federation of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Societies Ltd (FCMA) doing for its members? While there are some aspects of the National Law that we do not agree with, our priority right now is helping members get registered. I have received a request for further information or documents but I cannot produce them in the time required – what should I do? AHPRA is setting short time-frames in an effort to get you registered on time. Try to do things quickly. If you cannot meet the deadline AHPRA has given you to provide additional information but your application is otherwise complete, you will receive limited registration on 1 July until your documents can be assessed. This will mean that you may continue to practise.

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